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A perfect Halloween!

This Halloween was one of the most tasty ever!! XD I had to cook every day but it was worth it!!! I made some smiling pancakes, a lot of “Witch brooms”, some sweet spider and a lot of very very tasty dumpling!!! Mmmm…gnummy!!! You judge!! Regarding the Halloween’s coustume I was a little scary witch, my little brother Lorenzo was Dracula or Vlad the impaler and Matteo (hihihi OMG!!) was a russian fighter!!! He was seriously a-ma-zing!!!! So for our scary night we ate, laughed, played, watched the Tv and we had opened the door to trick or treater!! They were sooo sweet!!! 🙂 And you? What have you doing during the most scary night of the year????


4 Risposte

  1. I love Halloween! I like your spiders. =)

    05/11/2010 alle 1:01 PM

  2. I love Halloween too…It’s one of my favourite holidays and I really love prepare Halloween sweets and decorate my house!!! The spiders were really tasty!!! hihi!!!

    05/11/2010 alle 3:52 PM

  3. oh i did miss this post!!!
    your cakes and cookies are so cool!!

    21/11/2010 alle 11:50 AM

  4. yeah they are so cool but…it’s an hard work!!! XD

    22/11/2010 alle 12:06 AM


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