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Nail Polish by KIKO Milano

Hi Girls!! I’m here to review Kiko Milano’s Nails Lacquer…Now I have “only” 10 colours but Kiko provides a wide range of colours and not only for nails polish…

In my collections there are:

1. Yellow n° 279: It reminds me summer and I love put it on my nails when I’m sad…Yellow and Orange are my favourite colours!

2. Orange n°280: Lovely!!!I love sun colours

3. Red Martha n°238: (My last purchase) OMG girls it’s too hot!!! I’m put it on during the Cartoon Party few days ago (soon photos of this amazing event!)

4. blueberry Glitter (Galactic collection – Limited Edition) n° 277: In reality is almost red and its glitter are so spicy!

5. Flamingo Pink n°288: There’s something to say about it??? Its name speaks clearly: womanly!!!

6. Rhododendron Pink n°252: it has a particular pearled colour that makes it so special

7. Light Pink n°145: it’s particular and that’s the first Nail polish that I’ve bought in Kiko’s stores..I think that this colour isn’t available in stores yet..It’s so simple and suitable for any look…

8. Orchid Purple Microglitter (Galactic Collection – Limited Edition) n°278 : Only a word: AMAZING!!!!

9. Overseas Blue (glitter) n°266 : it’s one of Matteo’s favourite colours, It’s really too cool!!

10. Green Lawn n°296: ahahah…this colour it’s so funny!! It’s strong and really original ideal for summer!

The conclusions are that I love KIKO because it offer a lot of product with a cheap price…Ok, when I want to have an original colour in my box I buy Chanel but Kiko is really valid and I recommend it to you..

So, now I want to know if you have buy something by Kiko and what is your opinion about it!!! Write me something girls!!! Stay always up, kisses, V.


5 Risposte

  1. lovely!!!
    i got red martha and green lawn too <3<3

    01/12/2010 alle 7:25 PM

  2. 🙂 Really??? no way!!! There will be others post about make up!!!! 😉
    NB(you’re my only fan!! 😦 )

    01/12/2010 alle 7:29 PM

  3. 😦

    i have no idea about how to get more fans..
    my blog has become almost totally about make-up and i have 18 fans… i got most of them advertising my blog on facebook (on make-up pages, elf above all)… writing in english should mean a lot more fans, many girls write in english or both in english and italian… try advertising your beautiful blog on facebook my dear!! 🙂

    04/12/2010 alle 8:33 PM

  4. or leave the link at the alfemminile forum!!!! many people use it!!

    04/12/2010 alle 8:34 PM

  5. thanks so much!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    07/12/2010 alle 2:00 AM


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