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I made my first Pound Cake by Trish Deseine!

Hi guys! Yesterday I was so excited to prove my new cake pan so…what better time to make one of Trish Deseine’s cakes?? As you have surely understood I really LOVE made sweeties…The cake is called Pound Cake for americans, Victoria Sponge for english and Quattro Quarti for italians, do you know it? It was really perfectly and so tasty!! The golden color in it made it so beautiful and my family has literary jumped on it….and now is almost finished!! ahaha!!

Here’s a Pound Cake recipe for you, to try at home:

4 eggs (be weighed)

the same weight of sugar

the same weight of salt butter

the same weight of flour

1/2 envelope of yeast


Put all the ingredients in the electric mixer and mix for 2 minutes (sift the flour) and put into the mold and cook for 40-45 minutes in 180° C .

Guys try it!!! And let me know something about your creation!!! I’m here for questions and tips!!!

I aspect photos, notices, receipts and…everything!!! Love you guys!!! V.


My new culinary book: I <3 Cakes!

I love my honey also because he know how to surprise me…!!! Few days ago I was in a library and I completely fall in love for an amazing book…and he has notice that…So the day after I’ve received a fantastic gift box and obviously into there was my book!! OMG!! I can’t wait to start preparing all those fantastic recipes for cakes and I’ve finally found a special cake for my Christmas lunch!!(Continue reading this blog if you want to know  which cake I chose!!)  How to describe how much I’m happy???? Simply loving my baby more everyday and for all my life!!

Thanks for follow me and……… out to buy this book!!!!!! That’s INSANE!!!! ❤ Love, V.   

-The book is entitled ” I ❤ Cakes” by Trish Deseine – Photos by Deirdre Rooney