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Regali di Natale: il regalo del mio amore!!!!!

Ecco qui il secondo regalo di Natale chi vi presento!!! Questa volta si tratta del regalo che mi ha fatto il mio fidanzato Matteo!! Come potete vedere ho ricevuto la confezione regalo del mio profumo preferito : Jean Paul Gaultier Classique!!!

All’interno c’era ovviamente il profumo da 50 ml e la crema corpo da 100 ml….La confezione era davvero moooolto carina e la parte superiore di plastica è riutilizzabile come cornice (all’interno c’erano anche gli adesivini per attaccare le foto)… In verità speravo proprio che il mio amore me lo regalasse, era proprio quello che volevo e non avrei potuto desiderare niente di meglio…Questo è il profumo che mettevo sempre quando ci siamo conosciuti quindi ha un significato speciale per entrambi…Grazie amore!!!! ❤ ….Voi avete provato questo profumo?? Qual’è il vostro preferito??? Aspetto risposte!!! un bacio!!! a presto, V.


My new “Mug-to-go”!

OMG THAT’S INSANE!!! ahahah..Hi guys, I just want to show you what my lovely aunt gave to me for Christmas (I know, It’s too early to open it but….I could not wait to do it!!)! sincerely I think that’s AMAZING and I really love love love love it!! I can’t stop watching it and I’ve known it “my mug-to-go”! I love italian coffee and cappuccino so this is the perfect gift for me!! Do you like it? Have you a Mug-to-go too??  I attend your answer!! Love and Kisses, V.

Lorenzo’s sweet gift!

Oooooh look at what my baby brother gave me just few days ago!! I love chocolates and they drive me crazy!! ahah! He has been so cute and generous and I’m happy to have the best “worst boy” in world!!! 🙂 Meanwhile I enjoy my tasty chocolates!! Love you guys, stay always up! V.

A perfect Halloween!

This Halloween was one of the most tasty ever!! XD I had to cook every day but it was worth it!!! I made some smiling pancakes, a lot of “Witch brooms”, some sweet spider and a lot of very very tasty dumpling!!! Mmmm…gnummy!!! You judge!! Regarding the Halloween’s coustume I was a little scary witch, my little brother Lorenzo was Dracula or Vlad the impaler and Matteo (hihihi OMG!!) was a russian fighter!!! He was seriously a-ma-zing!!!! So for our scary night we ate, laughed, played, watched the Tv and we had opened the door to trick or treater!! They were sooo sweet!!! 🙂 And you? What have you doing during the most scary night of the year????

Happy Halloween to everybody!!!

Happy Halloween guys!!!! Personally I love Halloween and I love also organize every year a party to celebrate with my family or with my friends!! This year all turns around my family, specially my little brother so I’ve decided to cook something special for him…a little surprise! I hope he likes what I’ve done for him and I can’t wait to see his costume and, of course, Matteo’s one…Waiting for and preparing all for this scary night, I wish you a Happy Halloween to everybody!!!! Love, V.

Nb. Soon you’ll see some pics of tonight!

I miss my best!!

Oh I miss my best friend sooooo much!!! I think it’s a life that I don’t see my other half!! Vanessa is really my best opposite and I think that’s could be the motivation because we are really indivisible!! Recently we have been so busy with university, study and with our own lives that we haven’t found the time to see ourselves!!! (What a crazy girls!!) I need to return to spend a lot of my time with her for going out and laugh carefree!!! So, I decided to annoy her until she’ll decided to found time for me….sorry, for us!!! I love you so much, Vane!!!!

Bicycle time with Lorenzo

Good evening. guys!! Today after my grandpa’s bd party I went to ride my bike with Lorenzo…(He’s so cute, isn’t he?)
It was a fantastic sunny day and we took the opportunity to do some sport…I love the place where I live because sometimes I need to leave the chaotic city and to be in the nature and stay calm for a moment…Lorenzo and I really enjoyed it and we want to repeat this very soon…Oh I love love love my baby!!! The bad thing is that now I’m very tired and I want to go to bed!!! ahahahah!!
XD goodnight guys…!!! V.