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Cartoon Party ’80 ’90!

Ahahah!!! How to describe it??? Simply FABULOUS, AMAZING, FANTASTIC and more..!! Saturday night I’ve participate with my best friends and Matteo to this theme party…each one of us was dressed like a particular character and It was too funny…I was the Queen of Hearts (what else?), Matteo was the Crazy Hatter, my friend Michele (called Mancio) was Mr. Bison, Michele (called Persio) was Lupin, Giulio (called Farolf) was Jigen, Giacomo (called Jack) was Goemon, Marcello was the Inspector Gadget and last but not least Alessandro (called Marins) was Rock Lee..!!! sincerely we were the most beautiful and crazy guys in the party!!! I love themes parties and I love dress up myself…I can’t wait to participate to another party like this one!!!! Love guys, V.


Some pics of me and Honey!!!

Night for women only!!!

Hi guys!!! What’s going on? For me yesterday night was really fun!!! I was at the Haiku chinese restaurant with my girls Vanessa, Denise, Silvia, Michela and Laura! Oh I love eat chinese food!!! Unnecessary to say that we had sooo much fun because when we are toghether we are the most crazy group in the world!!!  I’ve post some pics of us..Aren’t we so cool??? ahah!!! Hope you have fun with them as we did!!!! Love , V.

Quality time with my guys!

Saturday I’ve past an amazing night in a downtown pub with my friends! We’ve got play “Bang” a fantastic (and complicated!!) society game and we’ve drunk some beer and a glass of wine…Soooo funny and nice…

Here’s some pics of us…Hope you love it like I do!!! Love, V.